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!!! Merry Christmas !!! Feliz Navidad !!! Frohe Weihnachten !!!

I wish all of you a relaxing christmas time and an awesome start in the new year.


my temporary apartment


for the time I’m for the training in the Erzgebirge I live with an friend I know from my university. it looks kinda disorderly … well …….. whatever

my new workplace


Since the begining of november I’m working for this Japanese company called TAKATA in Germany. Right now im in the easter part of Germany, the Erzgebirge for training and after that, in april, I’ll be 3-4 months in Romania to participate in an new plant project.

winter is comming

looks like we’ll get a white christmas. since sunday it started to snow once again. odio este pinche nieve

Website online

Ok, I’ve got all the older pics up, so I think it is time to reopen this page. Like allways I changed the design ;-) Right now I’m working on some more content that I’ll post during the holidays. Jens


damn, it takes hours to upload this page once again to the web. well, right now I only have dial up so its like walking 1000 miles on the freeway. well, i’m done with the most stuff and hope to get everything only until the next weekend.


Update soon !!


I don’t have that much time to do something on my website but I hope that I can put the new pic up here until the end of the month. I’ll start working again in the begining of november for an Japanese-German Company in Germany an eastern europe.

So stay tuned for more info soon.


Back in Germany

Just want to let all of you know that I’m back in Germany since Sunday. It’ll take some time to get used to live here again, but I’m really looking foreward. Got to find a good job and I hope that I got one until the end of october. Jens

New pictures !

I put some new pics online from my trip to the south mexico.

Hasta pronto

Back in Puebla


i’m back in Puebla for my last days here in Mexico. I just started to write aplications for a job in Germany and thers also some other stuff left to take care of. And there are also some farewells to make. Well, got to go to get something to eat.

Se ya

Still at the beach…

Hi guys,

i’m still in Playa del Carmen to enjoy the beach. But tomorrow I go to Merida to stay ther for one more day and on friday I’ll fly back to Puebla. It’s been a nice trip, but way to short ;-)

So I hope that all of you are fine,

se ya


Playa del Carmen

Hey everyone,

i really have to say that i like this place. It’s a small village at the caribean beach and there not that much tourists like in Cancun. My day was really relaxing. I just went to the beach to walk and swim for a while and got to read a good book. I like it tihis way ;-)
But well for the weekend I’ll be going back to Puebla to celebrate the birthday of a friend.
So I hope that everything is as fine for you as it is for me.

Se ya later!

Sunshine pure !


I’m doing really great. I’ve been in Cancun for the weekend and I’ve to say this town knows how to party. I had a really good time there. Right now I’m in Playa del Carmen to relax a bit.


… how things change …

Hello to everyone,

it’s been a while and i guess i’ve to give you all a little update. There have changed a lot of things lately. First of all I quited my job 3 weeks ago. There where different reasons, but this is not the place to explain them. So that means I’m unemployed since 3 weeks. Feels a bit strange. I’ve been 2 weeks in Puebla to deal with some stuff like selling my car and so on. It’ve been 2 awsome weeks and I got to know some people that I didn’t know that well befor. I really enjoyed this time, and I’m sure that I’ll miss it a lot.
Since monday I’m travelling in the south ofmexico. First I went to Merida, Chichen Itza and Tulum. Right now I’m in Cancun. It’s really nice here in the Caribe but way to hot. I’ll be travelling a bit more and then I go back to Puebla for a while. In the beginning of september I’ll be going back to Germany to find a job there.
Well, hope to hear something from you guys.
Saludos y hasta luego capronas y caprones.


Hello everyone,

just want to say hello to everyone. Live is going on and i got a lot of work right now. So i don’t have much time to do other things. This weekend i just chilled in my home because i worked suterday. Got to get something to eat now. Hope that all of you are doin’ fine.


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