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back to germany

hello everyone,

my time in romania is allready over. can’t belive that it have been allready seven months. i had a really good time here and anyhow i’ll be back in sibiu once in a while. tomorrow i’ll fly to munich to go to aschaffenburg in the evening. i’m planing to keep the weekend and the beginning of next week free to start looking for an appartment in germany.

i think i’m going to have a bit more time soon to update my site with all the latest pictures, like from my farewell party in sibiu.

wish you all the best

New photos

I added 3 sets of photos from the last months. 2 from a weekend in the mountains an the last from the TAKATA football cup in Czech Republic.

My nephew

Last weekend I’ve been in Germany to visit my family. I had a really good time there an finaly I got to know my nephew.


I’m uncle!!!

Hi, since allmost three weeks my sister got her little boy, Bjoern-Lennart. On wednesday I’m going for 1 week to germany to visit them and my family. I think I really need that days off, ’cause there was just to much work lately. But anyhow, hope to see some of you in germany. I will try to put some new photos, mainly from the TAKATA-Footbal Cup in Czech Republik and from a party in the romanian montains, up within the next few days. Greets Jens

New photos !


I just put some new photos from last weekend. I’ve been with a friend to the black sea in Constanta. It was just an spontaneous idee friday at lunch time. So we left Sibiu around 4 in the afternoon and arived to Constanta around midnight. It was a really nice weekend, just perfect to relax a bit on the beach and going out in the night. I’ve to go there again with a little bit more time. These days it’s damn hot in Sibiu, we have like 35 degrees all day long.



Hello friends,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done something on my homepage, but lately I was getting really busy.
But anyhow I put a few photos from my trip to Bukarest. I’m doing good, still working in Sibiu, Romania. Looks like I’ll stay a bit longer then planned, I’ll go back to Germany around october.

So far from my side. Greetings to all of you.


New photos

I put some photos of Sibiu in the photo section.


Ok, right now I have a bit more time to bring up all the latest news. I’m here in Romania since 14th and the trip was kinda funny. There is only a small plane from Munich, it takes about 2 hours, and the landing was not that soft. But we reached earth. The first two weeks I did stay in an hotel close to my work. Since last weekend we’ve moved to a nice apartment close to the city center and an big park. The work ist quite interresting but also a bit stressy of all the things to do in such a short time. The plan is to stay more or less 6 months and then move back to Germany.

The last two weekends we checked some of the clubs in town and some of them were really nice, others just had a crowd of drunken kiddies. The town is also awsome. A lot of historical buildings and a hughe number of really good and cheap restaurants. You’ll get a full meal with an drink for about 5€.

There’ve also been two guys from mexico here last week which will come back in 3 weeks and stay here for 1 year. Thats good, so I can keep going speaking spanish and also they are some really nice guys to work with.

If you wanna know what Sibiu looks like check this page: They have good infos in english and german.

So, thats it for so far. I’ll probably be in Germany from the 28th of april until the 2nd of may.



Hi everyone,

finally I got the chance to post some news. 2 weeks ago I arrived in Sibiu, Romania. Friday I moved in my new appartment with my colleague Frank. The appartment is really nice and I’ll put some photos here soon. The new plant of the company I’m working for ist growing and there’s a lot of work to do.
More soon.


stucking in the snow


this was just when I left my office. damn. it has been snowing the whole day and it toked me like 20 minutes to get my car free to drive. I hate snow !

hope the most of you are more lucky and get some sun ;-)


hi folks,

its been a nice day. sunshine pur. the only thing is that thing with the temperature, wich is about 0 degress celcius, wich, in short words, sucks. but anyways. i’ve been at my parents house for the weekend to help them with some renovating. thats why my back is hurting. that sucks too. but whatever.
guess i just stay home and watch a movie tonight or something.

hasta pronto

Hey Ya

hello everyone,

I’m doin great. Just came home from work and having something to eat. This week I haven’t had that much stress at work, every thing is just going fine. Next week I’ll meet up with my future boss to see where I’ve got to go in february and the plans for the Romania trip in march. It’s unbelievable how fast time is running. I’ve got almost 3 months with my new work and there are only a few weeks left here in Elterlein. Well, we’ll see what the february brings ;-)



New week

well, the week is starting slow and so far there is not that much happening. Just came back from work witch was kinda stressfull today. Not because of the work, but the 3 ladies in my office that can make such a noise the whole day. Some times it’s kinda funny but today it just sucked. Hope they will be a bit more relaxed tomorrow, if not ……………..

So, I’ll go to get some fresh air and than just sleep.


Happy New Year !

I wish all of you a happy new year 2005 and that everything is going the way you’d like it to.

We had an awesome party last night. I’ve been in Zwickau with some friends and we started at the Tivoli, a student club. Later we past on to the good old Collage and celabrated until 5 in the morning. Now I´m back in the Erzgebirge and trying to get rid of my headache.


Santas revenge


well, I pased a nice christmas eve this year with my family. Needless to say that I gained like 3kg in 3 days because of all the goog food. Thanx for all the christmas greetings, especially from the people that I havn’t seen for a long time.

Right now I’m getin ready to go to a club I havn’t been for quite a bit. So looks like it’ll be fun, especially because there are also some friends I havn’t seen for a while.


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