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Spain trip

some photos from our Spain trip…





oyando a cuarenta FM con 40 grados ;-)

European logistics manager meeting

visit of my sister in Aschaffenburg

marion visit aschaffenburg

photos from the north

some of the snapshots I made during my short visit on Ruegen island


Sunday morning on the highway


good morning,

next week is free !!! because I still need to take all my days of vacation for this year. Even in October and November there will be one free week. To not get to bored I decided to visit my parents for a few days on Ruegen island where they will be for 2 weeks. It’s quite a while since I’ve been to the sea, so I’m looking forward for this few days off. The trip is around 900km so I will start early in the morning to not get into to much traffic and still have something from the day on Ruegen. I’ll be back in Aschaffenburg on Thursday or Friday. Next week I’m going to fly to Romania for some projects I need to start and to support on some customs issues.

I’ll post some photos from my holidays later on…




I’m still at home these days because of my shoulder but step by step every thing is geting better. There’s not to much pain anymore and with the physiotherapy every second day I can now start to move my arm a bit again. I will still need to wear a kind of fixation pad for 3 more weeks. After that every thing should be back to normal and after 6 months I’ll also get rid of the metal plate. I’m also looking foreward to go back to work next week or the week after as it’s becoming real boring to stay the whole day at home.



belated some photos from our bike tour…



after the surgery:


back home

finaly back from the hospial. I was released today in the morning and am back in my apartment in Aschaffenburg now. I will upload some x-ray shots of my shoulder later on…

beside all the trouble of the last few days I’m doing fine and hope that there’s not to much recovery time…



tomorrow I go to the hospital to get a surgery of my collarbone. I need to stay there for 2-3 days, after that I’ll stay some days home. I’ll keep you posted…

358 km – Gmuenden… end of the trip

Today was not a lucky day at all. At Gmuenden, what was suppost to be our stop for a lunch break, I missed to see a bump in the road and hit the ground. Result was a free trip with the ambulance to the hospital and a broken collarbone. I will get some metal in my shoulder within the next days and this is it with biking for quite a while. But besides of that I’m fine !


318 km – Wuerzburg

Today we made around 85 km. And all of them in the rain :-( The stay for tonight is Wuerzburg. Later we go downtown, but first a bit relaxing at the Main river.


Just arrived in Ochsenfurt for a lunch break. Sun is coming out for the first time today, now a cold beer and some meat ;-)

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