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Hey Ya

hello everyone,

I’m doin great. Just came home from work and having something to eat. This week I haven’t had that much stress at work, every thing is just going fine. Next week I’ll meet up with my future boss to see where I’ve got to go in february and the plans for the Romania trip in march. It’s unbelievable how fast time is running. I’ve got almost 3 months with my new work and there are only a few weeks left here in Elterlein. Well, we’ll see what the february brings ;-)



New week

well, the week is starting slow and so far there is not that much happening. Just came back from work witch was kinda stressfull today. Not because of the work, but the 3 ladies in my office that can make such a noise the whole day. Some times it’s kinda funny but today it just sucked. Hope they will be a bit more relaxed tomorrow, if not ……………..

So, I’ll go to get some fresh air and than just sleep.


my new workplace


Since the begining of november I’m working for this Japanese company called TAKATA in Germany. Right now im in the easter part of Germany, the Erzgebirge for training and after that, in april, I’ll be 3-4 months in Romania to participate in an new plant project.

Update soon !!


I don’t have that much time to do something on my website but I hope that I can put the new pic up here until the end of the month. I’ll start working again in the begining of november for an Japanese-German Company in Germany an eastern europe.

So stay tuned for more info soon.



Hello friends and family,

i finally got home from work. But i like it. I got a lot of new projects and so that 13 hour day flies by like nothing. My weekend was quite “tranquillo”. I just went to a market of antique things. Well, hope that all of you are fine.


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