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i finally finished my tesis. yeaaaa !!!

2 dias mas

hola a todos,

solo faltan 2 dias para terminar mi tesis. estoy un poco estresado porque no puedo hacerlo como quiero. pinche ms-word.
but anyways i guess i’ll be done by tomorrow noon and then i only have to get this thing printed.

hasta then

still writing


i’m still writing on my pinche tesis and there are 5 days left. well i’m not that much behind so i guess everything will be fine.
the weather is horrible. most of the snow is finally gone but it is rainig. i need SUN. ok, in 4 weeks i’m back in mexico.

well, got to write a bit more. stay tuned


well, just got up one hour ago. got to do a lot for my tesis today. guess it won’t make that much fun, but anyways. :-) it was raining all the night and i really don’t like that damn weather.

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