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358 km – Gmuenden… end of the trip

Today was not a lucky day at all. At Gmuenden, what was suppost to be our stop for a lunch break, I missed to see a bump in the road and hit the ground. Result was a free trip with the ambulance to the hospital and a broken collarbone. I will get some metal in my shoulder within the next days and this is it with biking for quite a while. But besides of that I’m fine !


318 km – Wuerzburg

Today we made around 85 km. And all of them in the rain :-( The stay for tonight is Wuerzburg. Later we go downtown, but first a bit relaxing at the Main river.

224 km – Schweinfurt

Today we made 97 km. We started a bit late, around 9, because the hotel only started breakfest at 8 on weekends. And starting without coffee and food was not an option at all ;-) From Bad Staffelstein we went to Hallstadt and then to Bamberg for quick stop in the center. After that we went on to Eltmann, Hassfurt and to Schweinfurt, our stay for tonight. We had really luck with the weather today, sunny all the time but not to hot. After 3 days on the bike everything starts acking a bit but at the end I’m kinda surprised that everything is still going quite smooth and we’re making our distance every day. Goal for tomorrow is Wuerzburg, about 100km from here.


127 km so far

Today we made around 90 km. From that around 75 in the rain. But after a while it wasn’t that bad as expected. Once your wet to the bones it doesn’t get worse ;-) we started in Bischofsgruen, from there over Bad Berneck to the junction of the white and red Main in Kulmbach. from there to Lichtensfels where we had an extended lunch and our destination for today, Bad Staffelstein. We arrived early, around 4pm, so we still had time to go to the termal spring for 3 hours. Our goal for tomorrow is to reach Schweinfurt… we’ll see…

At the origion

bike-tour (Fichtelgebirge to Aschaffenburg)

tomorrow Andreas and I will start a one week bike tour. going by train to Marktschorgast, from there to the Ochsenkopf mountain and then all the way back to Aschaffenburg alongside the Main river. should be around 500km and we will need around 5 days… more or less. we will see. If there’s time we will go on until Mainz and than go back to Aschaffenburgburg by train. I will keep you posted on the blog from my phone.

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