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facebook <-> wordpress

found a nice plugin that is connecting my wordpress posts to facebook. kinda fancy to set up, but now it’s working ;-) … it’s called wpbook


I’m using the holidays to work a bit on my homepage, so not every thing is working at the moment.

New features

just added a plugin for my profile. This shows my recently played songs from my iTunes on the sidebar.

had to deactivate it as it is generating some wired errors on my page…


Hello to everyone,

finally I finished almost all of the changes at my website. The new URL is now

There are new photos from Aschaffenburg and some older photos that I found and scanned.



New version soon


I’m working currently on a new version of my website using “wordpress”. It’ll talke a while to adjust all the templates and styles.

So stay tuned for news………..


Website online

Ok, I’ve got all the older pics up, so I think it is time to reopen this page. Like allways I changed the design ;-) Right now I’m working on some more content that I’ll post during the holidays. Jens


damn, it takes hours to upload this page once again to the web. well, right now I only have dial up so its like walking 1000 miles on the freeway. well, i’m done with the most stuff and hope to get everything only until the next weekend.


Update soon !!


I don’t have that much time to do something on my website but I hope that I can put the new pic up here until the end of the month. I’ll start working again in the begining of november for an Japanese-German Company in Germany an eastern europe.

So stay tuned for more info soon.


raining days

hello everyone, just want to let you know that i’m fine. it was raining all the last days and this really sucks. you go to work and no mather wich hour your leaving it is raining. damn. but well, i will not complain. life is going forward and i got a lot of things to do and some new plans. but we’ll see. it’s almost weekend and that makes work much easier. got to clean my department because it is getting really messy. for the weekend i’ll stay in puebla to relax a bit. P.S. the guestbook will be out of service for the following days. Well, hope that all of you are fine and having a nice weekend. Cheers

actualisation of my website

now i’m done with the aplication of the new style of my website. older photos are still in the old design because it’s to much work to change it.

saludos Jens

Website up!

Finally a new version of this website. I changed a lot of the structure to make it easier for mi to add things in the future. I´m using the CGI-Weblog from Noah-Grey (
It is also much easier now to add photos and other stuff because I changed the structure of this sites too.
The main page will be something like a web log, and i´ll post here from time to time. It´s also posible to add a comment to any of the previous post, so feel free to do so.

Cheers Jens

mein neues weblog

hallo an alle. dies ist mein neues weblog und ich werde hier von zeit zu zeit schreiben. kommentare koennen zu jedem artikel abgegeben werden. die mehrzahl der artikel werde ich auf englisch schreiben, da ich so die meisten leute erreiche.

my new weblog

hey to all my family and friends. this site is my new weblog an i’ll be posting here from time to time. feel more than free to add a comment to any of my post.

mi nuevo weblog

hola a todos. este es mi nuevos weblog y voy a escribir articulos aqui. porfavor usar la posibilidad de escribir un comentario. la mayoria de los articulos van estar en ingles pero algunos tambien en espanol. saludos

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