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Sky Arena Frankfurt

Here is a video from last weekend in Frankfurt. There are also a few photos in the photo section.



stucking in the snow


this was just when I left my office. damn. it has been snowing the whole day and it toked me like 20 minutes to get my car free to drive. I hate snow !

hope the most of you are more lucky and get some sun ;-)

Hey Ya

hello everyone,

I’m doin great. Just came home from work and having something to eat. This week I haven’t had that much stress at work, every thing is just going fine. Next week I’ll meet up with my future boss to see where I’ve got to go in february and the plans for the Romania trip in march. It’s unbelievable how fast time is running. I’ve got almost 3 months with my new work and there are only a few weeks left here in Elterlein. Well, we’ll see what the february brings ;-)



my temporary apartment


for the time I’m for the training in the Erzgebirge I live with an friend I know from my university. it looks kinda disorderly … well …….. whatever

my new workplace


Since the begining of november I’m working for this Japanese company called TAKATA in Germany. Right now im in the easter part of Germany, the Erzgebirge for training and after that, in april, I’ll be 3-4 months in Romania to participate in an new plant project.

Back in Germany

Just want to let all of you know that I’m back in Germany since Sunday. It’ll take some time to get used to live here again, but I’m really looking foreward. Got to find a good job and I hope that I got one until the end of october. Jens

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